Radu trying hard to look intelligent

there's no problem, only solutions

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University, and the Founder CEO of Virtalica and Private Machines Inc.

I build systems mainly but also enjoy elegant foundations, especially if of the very rare practical variety. A large part of my research lies in cyber-security. I am also interested in large-scale systems. Examples of stuff we have fun with: secure storage and data management (clouds, outsourcing, queries over encrypted data), cellular and wireless security, data privacy mechanisms, trusted hardware, regulatory compliant systems, digital rights management, smart cards, identity management, healthcare privacy systems, and fun (always applied) crypto. I am also working on cloud-scale scheduling and efficient/green computing. Overall, I find myself increasingly preoccupied with discovering real-world relevance in research and resisting the temptation of writing papers for purely the sake of increasing each other's citation counts.

If you have been admitted to the PhD program and would like to work with me please feel free to email and then drop by my office. Before coming please read these thoughts for (prospective) PhD students. If you are a senior undergraduate student or a MS student please read thoughts for (prospective) MS students. If you have not been admitted to our department please read thoughts for (prospective) students not admitted yet.

And here is the "PhD: What Matters. And What Doesnít" CSE600 talk.